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Spatial Cinema // Cinema as Spatial Practice - MARCH 2019

The cinema has always been deeply invested in the depiction of space and spatial experience,
in addition to its more familiar representation of time.

The Spatial Cinema disc collects work made from 2002 to 2018 as Bluray and DVD.

A major essay byJonathan Watts discusses the work in terms of Deleuze's Diagram.

Additional commentaries by film scholars and artists accommpany the films; extras and visual essays give additional, contextual information.


The Reading Room
Film for Tom
Postcard from Istanbul
Mas Se Perdio
Zabriskie Point (redacted)
Machine Space

image / edit / sound Stephen Connolly

EXTRACT from Zabriskie Point (redacted) with commentary by William Brown, Filmmaker, Lecturer

Released & funded by UCA and LUX; Distributed by LUX

for institutional and private use - different pricing will apply