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Henri Lefebvre defined the representation of space as the 'dominant space,' as a 'commodity' and 'conceived' by ways of depiction such as perspective.

Machine Space is a framing of the spatial implications of a technology of movement, suggested by geographer Ronald Horvath. He defined it as devoted to the movement, storage or servicing of automobiles. In the binary opposition of machine and people space, areas of conflciting use are classified as machine space when the machine is given the right of way. (Horvath 1974)

Machine Space is a dominant feature of land-use of the city of Detroit, and recognised by visualisation in the film.

72.5 % of downtown Detroit by area can be designated as machine space in 2011.

Horvath, R. (1974) Machine Space Geographical Review 64:167–188
2016 article - method and detail

Horvath's Detroit Machine Space 1974 // aerial images in Machine Space (film 2016)